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2024 World Series Logo

ASANA Softball World Series
Memphis, TN

AUGUST 20 - 24, 2024

If your team has registered and not paid, please send payment ASAP to confirm you spot!

Division assignments are based on registration forms and will be reconciled with roster submissions in July.

If your team has registered and is not listed, please contact

2024 Teams

As of May 16, 2024

B Division

  • .

C Division

  1. Fusion (Long Beach)

D Division

  1. Bougie (San Diego)

  2. Foolish Mortals (Orlando)

  3. Footloose (Long Beach)

  4. Gossip About Us (San Diego)

  5. Mockingjays (Orlando)

  6. Not Done Yet (KC)

  7. Tucson Inferno D (Tucson)

  8. Up The Middle (Portland)

E Division

  1. Krazy Pitches (Washington D. C.)

B Incomplete/Unpaid

  • Crowns Legacy (Open B Division)

  • Riders (Atlanta)

C Incomplete/Unpaid

  • Field of Queens (Boston)

  • Fuzion (Knoxville)

  • Girl Crush (Long Beach)

  • Good Vibes (Long Beach)

  • I'd Hit That (San Diego)

  • Laid Back (Atlanta)

  • Lipsmackers (San Diego)

  • Living Our Dash (Kansas City)

  • SD Baby Lazers (San Diego)

  • SF Soar (San Francisco)

D Incomplete/Unpaid

  • Brewers (New York)

  • Captains (Kansas City)

  • Divas on Dirt (Atlanta)

  • Geckos (Orlando)

  • Mayhem (Orlando)

  • MBD (San Diego)

  • Mockingjays (Orlando)

  • Moosettes (Atlanta)

  • NYC Hustle (New York)

  • One love (Alameda)

  • Orlando Thunder (Orlando)

  • Philly Storm (Philadelphia)

  • Pitches Be Crazy (Philadelphia)

  • Storm (Kansas City)

  • Vixens (San Francisco)

E Incomplete/Unpaid

  • Boston Gay Sox (Boston)

  • No Mames (Las Vegas)

  • Tacos 'n Tequila (San Jose)

  • Tucson Inferno E (Tucson)

Local Partners

Interested in joining the list? Let us know!

Memphis Host City Committee

Interested in partnering with us for the 2024 World Series?

  • Why is ASANA hosting the World Series in Memphis?
    The Memphis Tourism Bureau presented to our council in February 2022 and representatives from leagues all over the country voted unanimously to host the 2024 World Series in Memphis!
  • What about safety at the Memphis World Series?
    ASANA is dedicated to continuing our commitment toward player and participant safety. As in every city we host, we will have comprehensive safety plans in place for the field complex, host hotel, and event venues. We have also met with local law enforcement in both the town of Millington and Shelby County Sheriff's Office. Most notably, we have fostered a relationship with Lt. Natalie Hillman, the LGBTQ+ liaison with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and look forward to continuing under her guidance as we develop safety plans in both Memphis and Millington. Read more about the excitement and preparation for the 2024 Series from our Executive Director, Angela Smith
  • What fields will the 2024 World Series play at?
    USA Stadium in Millington, TN
  • What is ASANA?
    ASANA stands for Amateur Sports Alliance of North America. ASANA was created in 2007 as a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the participation LGBTQ+ cis women, trans men, trans women and non-binary people in organized amateur athletics. The association has member leagues in 28 cities throughout the United States, and many of them participate in the ASANA Softball World Series, which is hosted each year in a different member city.
  • What is the difference between ASANA and IPS (formally NAGAAA)?
    ASANA and International Pride Softball are similar in structure and audience. We share many of the same member cities across the nation and support LBGTQ+ athletics. Our events are separate and at different times & destinations each year. For more information on International Pride Softball, check out their website. Fun fact! Many of the founding members of ASANA were part of NAGAAA pre-2007; as the needs for a dedicated organization to support what was then the women's division (what ASANA has since grown to be a more inclusive womens+ organization) became more apparent a passionate group of trailblazers took on the formation of ASANA and we haven't looked back since!
  • Who are members of ASANA?
    ASANA is a membership organization with representation of cities all of the nation. For more details and contact information, check out our Member City page
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