2022 ASANA Softball World Series: August 16 - 20

The ASANA Softball World Series will bring over 1,500 athletes, coaches and fans to play ball and celebrate equality one game at a time! Join us in Washington, DC for a great week of softball and community!

You've got questions. We've got answers.

Who is eligble to play at the ASANA World Series?

All cis women, trans women, trans men and non binary people are welcome to play in the ASANA World Series. Cis men are welcome to coach or manage teams.

When is player registration?

All players, managers, scorekeepers - anyone in the dugout - must register in person before they play in their first game. They will be asked to show their ID and a proof of COVID vaccination, or negative COVID test taken within 72 hours (any PCR / antigen test, including at home, will be accepted). Similar to last year, registration will be open during the Skills Challenge on Tuesday, and then at the fields starting at 8am each day. Note: player registration will not be offered at the Opening Party. Full schedule can be found here.

What is ASANA's COVID Policy?

All participants must provide a Valid ID and proof of COVID vaccination (or negative COVID test within 72 hours) at player registration. Any PCR / antigen test, including at home, will be accepted if providing a negative COVID test.

What is the ADA Process?
  1. The Player fills out the ASANA ADA Accommodation Request Form by Monday, August 15th.
  2. Upon receipt of completed request form with supporting documentation, all documentation will be reviewed by the ASANA Tournament Director. The ASANA World Series UIC may be consulted if the Tournament Director is concerned the request will disrupt the integrity of the game as defined by USA Softball.
  3. Approval/declination is sent to requestor (Athlete) and/or the person(s) designated by the requestor by the ASANA Tournament Director with a copy to the Team Coach/Manager and the ASANA Director of Field and Team Operations.
  4. During ASANA World Series Tournament play it is the responsibility of the requestor and their Team Coach/Manager to communicate to the umpire staff, prior to EACH game, that the requestor will be using the ADA designation. The player should also be notated with an asterisk (*) on the lineup sheet prior to EACH game.
Can I bring a cooler to the fields?

All field rules & maps can be found here.

How can my team get our Hotel Deposit back?

Please note the ASANA Softball Hotel Requirement: Each team must stay at the host hotel a minimum of 9 total room nights to receive a deposit refund. Following the Series, teams must send their hotel receipts to ASANA Treasurer, Brandi Crass via the Google Form, to receive their refund.

I still have questions. Who can I reach out to?

Email Director of Communications, Tarah Burns: communications@asanaseries.org.

Countdown to the World Series!