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The ASANA Hall of Fame honors those members who have gone beyond expectations as a player, coach, mentor, scorekeeper or supporter. We hold those members in high esteem and honor them each year at our Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the World Series. 



Any 10-year member of an ASANA or past NAGAAA Women's league, living or deceased, can be nominated to the ASANA Hall of Fame. The nominee – whether a player, manager, coach, scorekeeper, umpire or fan – should have made significant contributions to their league and/or ASANA. They have shown active involvement in the ASANA World Series and associated events.   


Nomination Process

Nominations for membership in the Hall of Fame may be made by any ASANA member in good standing and shall be made in the form and manner provided for by the Hall of Fame. Anyone who is personally familiar with a nominee may nominate them for the ASANA Hall of Fame by simply filling out and submitting the ASANA Hall of Fame Application below. Each year, the member city Delegates will be informed of the due date and applications must be received by this date to be considered for induction at that year’s series.

Representatives of the Hall of Fame committee will review the applications for completeness and to confirm content. An application can be sent back to the submitter for clarification, further content or if the nominee did not meet the minimum criteria.

Any nomination application that is not accepted into the Hall of Fame will automatically be re-submitted for two years. At that time, if the nominee is not selected, the Chair of the ASANA Hall of Fame Committee shall notify the maker of the nominee’s application and ask them to submit an updated application for the nominee.


Selection Process

The Chair or Secretary of the Hall of Fame committee will prepare a ballot with the names of all nominees and conduct an e-ballot with a copy of the applications to the voting members within 30 days of the deadline for nominations. The living members of the ASANA Hall of Fame and the Hall of Fame committee, including the Hall of Fame chair will have 14 days from the date the e-ballots are distributed to cast their votes electronically. Any nominee who receives at least 50% of the votes cast will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the ASANA Hall of Fame dinner during that year’s World Series. The Chair of the Hall of Fame Committee will tabulate the votes cast and notify the nominees, ASANA board and the living Hall of Fame members of the results. The Hall of Fame Secretary will verify the final voting and report to the Chair. A committee member will assist if there is a conflict of interest. 

If you would like to nominate someone into the ASANA Hall of Fame, you may do so here:


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