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The Amateur Sports Alliance of North America (ASANA) was created in 2007 as a non-profit organization comprised of women dedicated to promoting the participation LGBTQ+ people in organized softball competition. Currently 25 cities in the United States are members of ASANA.

Teams representing these leagues participate in the ASANA Softball World Series which is hosted each year in a different member city.  This event is usually held between August and early October in a different member city each year. This provides the opportunity to showcase our softball and socialize with other LGBTQ+ players across North America. A week full of softball and other social events is an eagerly anticipated event every year, for participants and local host city visitors as well. Recent participation levels have seen 50-90 teams participate.

ASANA has five divisions -- B, C, D, E and 50+. These division designations pertain to the competitive level of play, with "B" being the most skilled and the "E" supporting the most recreational levels of play. The availability of five divisions of play is designed to allow the maximum participation from within your community, where everyone can find a level of play to suit their skills and participation level. There are skill definitions in place to help ensure teams are classified correctly at the time of ASANA’S Softball World Series play, but there is a place for everyone to participate in an environment that meets their needs.

As a general rule, ASANA member associations operate in an autonomous fashion, allowing you to structure your league to meet the needs of your local community while still having the benefit of a seasoned, proven format of play and organizational direction. There is flexibility built into the overall governance of our associations so that everyone plays in the ASANA Softball World Series on an even playing field. We have found this to be a proven and successful model and we look forward to working with you to find the right combination for your local league too.

The ASANA Board of Directors and all current member associations welcome your interest in our organization. We hope you will decide to become part of our future!

Membership Benefits

  • Opportunity to send teams to compete in the annual ASANA World Series and local city tournaments
  • Establishes high standards of sportsmanship and conduct to attain fair play on and off the field
  • Through the ASANA delegate community, member cities have the support to problem solve, innovate and evolve
  • Ability to connect with other member city commissioners to help place new players from other cities in the correct division in their new city
  • Through fundraising efforts at the Softball World Series and on the local level, provides support to international and local charities and other LGBTQ+ organizations

ASANA Council Meetings

ASANA Council Meetings are held twice a year in the city hosting that current year’s Series:

  • 2-day meeting in the Winter (Jan-Mar)
  • 1-day meeting in the Summer (to coincide with the World Series)

Each fee paid member organization is required to send representation to both sessions with one vote per member association allowed. Only member organizations can vote on issues before the Council. Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings and speak to the issues according to the agenda, but without the right to vote.

General business of ASANA is conducted at the meetings:

  • Previous World Series Wrap Report
  • Upcoming World Series Planning Presentation
  • Officer Reports
  • Rules of Governance Review
  • Fundraising Planning
  • Budget and Financial Overview
  • Membership Review
  • Committee Reports
  • City Updates
  • Election of Officers
  • Bids for ASANA membership (new associations) are heard at the Winter Meeting. Any exceptions to this must be approved by ASANA board.
  • Bids for hosting future ASANA Softball World Series activities will be presented at the Summer meetings.

New Membership Applications

The process for new membership in ASANA is as follows:

  1. Organization must petition to ASANA via written application to ASANA Board thirty days (30) prior to the start of the Winter meetings. Membership application form and dates for the Winter meetings can be obtained from the Secretary or on the ASANA website. Summer memberships bids are
    accepted on an exception basis by the ASANA Board.
  2. A “Big Sister”/Mentor member city or a membership committee representative will be assigned to the new organization to help them navigate steps in application and potentially their first year of membership.
  3. Membership bids are heard during Winter Council Meetings and voting on applications by Council
    representatives takes place immediately following the bid presentation.

    • Council members will ask pertinent questions
    • Council members will vote to either accept or reject the bid for membership
    • Two-thirds (2/3) vote required to accept membership
  4. Organizations creating a league for the first time, and also submitting for ASANA membership, must have concrete plans to present to the Winter Council meeting:
    • Financial Plans
    • League Size/Recruiting plans/number of teams/growth potential
    • Leadership of organization
    • Organizational documentation
    • Ability to support a local league of at least thirty (30) ASANA eligible playing participants.
  5. Acceptance of membership gives the new association the right to begin voting in Association business immediately and gives them rights to participate in that year’s ASANA Softball World Series (assuming league rules are met).
  6. ASANA fees due upon approval of membership at the Winter meeting.

NOTE: We welcome interested cities to join us as a non-voting, observer at the summer meeting preceding the application for membership. This allows questions on how to run individual organizations, a better understanding of the rules and requirements of being an ASANA member, and prepares the applying location for their presentation requirement before the Winter Meeting Council. Arrangements can be made for this opportunity by contacting the ASANA Assistant Commissioner and Secretary.

Potential New City Application

Another option is that Cities may apply to send one team one time to the World Series but then must join at the following Council meeting. Application form can be obtained from the Secretary or on the ASANA website. Applications will be reviewed by the ASANA Board and accepted per their discretion.

Membership Costs

Member city fees and World Series team fees are determined at the Winter Meetings when ASANA’s annual budget is set. Current fee structure is as follows:

  • Member City Fee: $300 (due before start of Winter meeting)
  • World Series Team Fee: $650
  • World Series Team Hotel Deposit: $275 (Refundable if 9 nights stayed at host hotel)

Note: Each member city must cover travel costs for a delegate to the Winter and Summer Council meetings.


We are here to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about ASANA and opportunities for your local league!

For more details, contact the ASANA Executive Director, Angela Smith.