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Tentative Schedule

Below you will find the "unofficial" schedule for ASANA's 10th Anniversary series in Austin.  It's important to note that this is UNOFFICIAL in that we must keep the flexibility to make changes if needed. There is no plan to make changes but if it must happen, the team manager will be notified directly. 

Go to team assignments and find your team name and team number (B1, B2, etc.). Once you confirm a team number then go to the grid (color coded to help) and find all round robin games with your team number. All C and D teams will find two games on Wednesday and two games on Thursday. All B teams will find a total of 3 games each day except for one team that must play a 2/4 split due to the uneven number of teams. The games that are listed as BG, CG and DG are bracket play games that all teams will be seeded into once round robin is completed, again these may change if needed.

All managers will be handed the official copy at the mandatory managers meeting which July 4th, 4-5pm at the Courtyard Marriot. The room is TBD. All players should refer to your manager to get all final schedule information.

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